Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Used clothes and chicken nuggets

One of my best friends in the whole world gave me some great gifts the other day...her used clothes. 

Now, when I say to you "used clothes" do you imagine some shirts or skirts with some wear, maybe a seam that needs repairing, a discreet spot or two?  Yeah, usually that's what I envision too...

No, her used clothes are pristine, pressed perfectly, newer-looking than most of the items I've only worn once.  When she says "I have some clothes for you." heart rate literally's like going shopping on someone else's credit card.

[Being a mom in a home with all these kids, plus a husband who has to wear decent dress clothes to work each day, buying clothes for myself is pretty low on the priority list.  I work from home, and run kids back and forth, how great do my clothes have to be anyway? I own one pair of jeans at a time, for example, and I wear those suckers until I rip a hole in the butt or blow out a zipper...luckily that's never occurred anywhere but at home, or in my driveway (the last ones bit the dust when I was climbing in my suv-hopefully no neighbors witnessed it).]

So, best friend comes over on Saturday...arms full of clothes, and you should see what she brought. There were some cute summery dresses (already wore two of them), some blouses, some skirts. These clothes are amazingly beautiful, classy and perfect.  Obviously not owned by someone who has four sons, all of whom use their clothing (and their mother's) as places to wipe lips, noses, and greasy fingers.

I'm in clothes heaven right now, feeling like a supermodel...I guess I should enjoy it before Baby Boy gets his next meal of chicken nuggets...


  1. I love used clothes - receiving and giving! :0) There's a local thrift store here that I've purchased for $2 a beautiful Ann Taylor sweater that looked never worn.

    I also just donated 5 bags of clothes via my Mom to charities (and the ladies of my family!)

    Enjoy the new clothes! Share some pics if you can!

  2. Ah...thank you! I did go through my closet and pulled out some blouses to donate, although, sadly, my recipient won't be nearly as lucky as I friend is a clothing goddess. ;)

  3. What I wouldn't give to have awesome hand-me-clothes brought to ME and not my kids. To experience the joy of digging through a stack of items I didn't have to shop for, wondering what was next. You are so lucky!

  4. Hi ck :)

    It was WONDERFUL! I love every single thing she gave nice to have "new" clothes. :)


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