Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Perfume and dirty socks...

I have to know...do moms of teenage girls get asked to smell clothes?  I don't mean "Ooooh, this perfume is delightful Mom, smell it!"  I mean "This shirt has been in my bed for 3 days, does it stink too much to wear?"

I try to be a supportive mom you know, but really... When you say "Does this smell bad?", I'm already bracing for the worst, and wondering...."Was this in the job description when I was hired?"

Have any of you watched the Malcolm in the Middle episode where the mom imagines she has all daughters instead of sons? The boys are kicking and fighting in the back seat of the van, on their way to get some new underwear or something...and then the mom sees her imaginary daughters...all getting along, brushing each other's hair, delighting in the fact that they are going shopping at the mall. 

Do you moms of girls have rides in the car that are pleasant, cheerful and fresh-smelling, while I ride with armpit farts and dirty socks and rowing shirts stuffed under the seats?

Don't get me wrong, I adore my boys, but sometimes...I just wonder how the other half lives...


  1. Girls can definitely be just as crude as boys, although the only one whose clothes I usually am asked to smell is the hubby's, so maybe that is a male trait. I laughed at the image of girls brushing each other's hair, delighting in the fact that they were going shopping... I wish! I have to pay/bribe the kids to brush my hair (something I like) or to even go shopping. That IS a dream, lol.

    Just think of the upside of having all boys: at least you won't have anyone with competing hormones while they're PMSing. That is definitely not fun either.

  2. Girl, I have heard that so many times. We do have testosterone "issues" on occasion...but for the most part, the hormones are okay. NOT sad that we miss out on the PMSing. lol

  3. I am sure they do not! LOL

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  4. I need one of those :) (And I bet it'll smell nice) lol.

  5. haha ive always wondered this. i have three brothers and now a boy of my own and a step son and i know im destined to have all boys. i have a feeling it can be just as hard with girls

    stopping by from sits

  6. Hi Adriana,

    Yeah, I'm sure they have their own set of antics to drive their moms insane. :) I was just wondering about the "smell" factor. ha ha ha

    Thank you for stopping by, I'll come by and see you, too!


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