Saturday, May 29, 2010

A train wreck of a bathroom...

Oldest Boy and some friends went to Busch Gardens yesterday.  They had planned this out during the week, figuring out who would drive, etc...celebrating the end of their senior year.

Now I know that Oldest Boy told me they would all be meeting up here at our house yesterday morning, and I kind of did a quick run around the house, picking up used sippy cups, making sure Baby Boy didn't ditch his dirty underwear in the foyer (don't laugh, he's done that!).  I figured it would be fine, they were just going to pull up, maybe chat me up at the front door, everyone check for sunscreen, and leave.

I ran to the store after I dropped off Little Boy at school...and returned home to find them all still here, sitting on the couch, playing video games. "Okay, still okay, I think all the bedroom doors are shut, no one sees the messes....they should be leaving any minute now..."

I was in the kitchen putting some things away when I noticed one of the girls had gone brain screams:
"Omg, is she using the boy's bathroom?!"  "Please tell me she isn't using the boy's bathroom!"

As soon as she came around the corner, I knew...she had just visited the cursed "boy's bathroom". *sigh*  I said "I'm so sorry you had to use that bathroom! I haven't been in to clean it yet!"  "It's okay", she said...and yet had that dazed look about her, like someone who witnessed a train wreck or just stumbled across a dead body.

I went into that bathroom as soon as they left, and seriously, I wanted to weep.  I have WALKED OUT of gas station restrooms that were cleaner than this!!! There were dirty handprints on all the white drawers, toothpaste hardened all over the sink and counter, one ratty towel dangling from the towel bar and...
OMG!!  did someone wipe their butt with the throw rug when they ran out of toilet paper????!!!!!

I feel like I should wear a sign around my neck everyday of my life...most of the time it would say "I'm really an organized and sane person, I swear."   But for a special occasion such as yesterday's, maybe it should say "I DO clean my house, please believe me!"


  1. D....this was just too funny....I love your daily post. Love ya sweetie!

  2. Oh my goodness! My question is: Why don't the older boys have the responsibility of cleaning the boys bathroom????????

  3. Ah! But they do! It's just usually not until the weekend. This unfortunate occurance took place immediately prior to the cleaning. So you can just imagine how bad it was. lol!

  4. I only have one boy (and one girl) and HIS bathroom scares me, too! Can't imagine a whole tribe's bathroom!

    Found you on Lady Bloggers. Looking forward to reading more about you and your band of boys!

  5. Visiting from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party. Chic you are a hoot!! I guess this is a situation I will probably find myself in, in the future. I will definitely know who to call when I do. :)


  6. Hi! Yeah, it's pretty scary in there sometimes. The funny (or depressing, however you want to look at it) thing is that when I was a young girl and teenager, I thought little boys were pretty gross....they smelled, they were always dirty...I mean, "Yuck!"

    Then God chose to give me 4! :) Don't get me wrong, I'm blessed to have them...but they are still kinda gross. lol

    Nice to "meet" you!

  7. Hi Sherry,

    Feel free to find me in the future. :) If nothing else, I can make you feel better about your situation, because I've usually been through one that's worse. ha ha ha

    Nice to meet you. :)

  8. Hi! I'm stopping by from the Lady Bloggers tea party. Great blog! I am also the only girl in a house of men. For now, though, it's just my husband and toddler son-- But even our cats are male! I'll follow!

  9. Kristina, would you believe me if I told you my cat was male too? He is. You and I are surrounded. Just keep lots of plug-ins around...and febreeze. ;)

    Nice to meet you!

  10. I hear ya, hon! Every time my ILs drop by, I pray that they don't need to use the bathroom for the same kind of panicky reason - our hall/guest bathroom is the one my boys frequent. It was probably bad planning on my part, because the girls' bathroom that they have all to themselves is always perfectly clean! That's part of the reason I love our house in NC - the kids have their own bathroom upstairs, while the guest bathroom is rarely used. :)

  11. Oh my gosh I have had so many instances like that where someone just HAPPENS to pop over at the exact WRONG time and must thing I am a total slob. Well in reality, I'm only a PARTIAL slob! ;)

  12. Aww, it ALWAYS happens that way, doesn't it?? Murphy's Law :)

    Thank you for stopping by!! Yes, it is funny how we just "forget" all the troubles (when really, I THINK I remember them? I just don't care suddenly?? for some reason). I spent so long saying noooo more pregnancy after I had my son, and I swear just in the last month or two I have been coming around to the idea and now I'm practically desperate for #2!!

  13. So glad I'm not the only one with a disastrous bathrooms. Of course, I don't have boys, so my excuses aren't nearly as entertaining!

  14. Hi Susie,

    I am also, a partial slob, but only in MY room...and honestly, I allow a certain amount of "slobbiness" in my kids rooms, it's their space, I just shut the door. lol. But public domains, such as bathrooms, those really have to be kinda clean. :)

  15. Em,

    Girl, I WISH I had a bathroom that was just for company. lol...I do try to keep the front bathroom as straight as possible. Lord knows YOU'VE seen my bathrooms in a bad state. <3 you.

  16. Hi Best Housewife,

    I swear you are me, 17 years ago (God, I'm My first delivery was an exhausting 3 day ordeal...and yet, 18 months later, I couldn't wait to do it again. :)

  17. Hi Ck, :)

    Did you see I put your button up? :) I LOVE your blog, and I too, celebrate the moments that suck. lol.

    There's something to laugh at almost every day around here...laughing is much better than sobbing, after all.

  18. You're too funny, chica! :0) Sounds like another fun adventure in parenting...hang in there, I'm sure she'll come back to visit

  19. Hi Duchess,

    Thanks! Yeah, every day is an adventure here at the zoo. :)

    I see you're having migraine problems, I'm so sorry...I have them too...hope you are feeling better!

  20. Just found you from Momalom... and I am laughing out loud at this...

    OMG!! did someone wipe their butt with the throw rug when they ran out of toilet paper????!!!!!

    I swear I have had the exact same thought about hand towels in my boys' bathroom. They frighten me. A lot. I know I taught them right - I just pray the lessons stick when they are out there mingling with the real world!


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