Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Ed Hardy kind of birthday...

So the birthday went well. Very well. Hubby rolled sushi for those who were here Friday (yum!), Oldest Boy and Baby Boy picked out a cake that was wonderful (and yes, I DID eat too much of case you were wondering).

Got a fun couple of gifts from the Mother-figure, Little Brother and the Little Sister. My side of the family lives in Chicago, and so, unfortunately we weren't together for my birthday...but they did send some fun presents.  I was opening the box, and as my niece is watching me I pull out a purse. Shiny, new, with funky metal detailing..."Woo!" I think..."I need a purse, mine is beat to death!".  My niece says "Wow, you got a 'Cathy'?"  And I'm thinking "No, it's a purse."  "It's a 'Cathy'" she says..."You don't know what a 'Cathy' is?"

Now, if you said "Wow, you got a 'Weight Watchers'!"  or "Wow, you got a 'Fisher Price'!"...then I would know exactly what you are talking about.  I am a girl who buys my purses at the box stores that start with either a "T" or a "W", and only if they are on sale.  I currently am carrying a purse big enough to smuggle a newborn AND a puppy, with the pleather worn through so that you see the cloth underneath in spots.  It has half eaten lollipops stuck to the inside, along with capless pens, a melted lipstick, and I think, enough change to park my car in a metered spot for two weeks.

Should I just use this purse for everyday things? Or should I buy another bag on sale at "T" or "W" and save this one for special occasions?  If you could see the fancy lining in this thing...maybe I should save it and only use it only AFTER children quit handing me half-eaten 20 years or so.

Little Sister bought me a rockin' headband from Ed Hardy. They sell these things for $25...a splurge I would never employ for myself (4 kids, all living at home...all do the math).  Which makes it a SPLENDID gift. I love it.  Nevermind the fact that my teenagers believe me to be too old to wear Ed Hardy in a cool manner...or say the word "rockin'".

All in all it was a wonderful weekend, spent with people that I love and adore.  Homemade sushi not once, but twice (and he cleaned the kitchen too!!), cool gifts, wonderful family and friends..I am truly blessed.


  1. Uh.. apparently 26 is too old to know what a "Cathy" is too, cause I have no clue either, lol.

  2. It's a "Kathy Van Zeeland" purse. I think...


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