Monday, May 17, 2010

Middle boy and the pantry...

Yes, much different than the last title, I know.  (Those of you who know Middle Boy will actually get an extra laugh out of that...)

 At what point in my relationship with Middle Boy did I become the play toy? Now that he is bigger than I am, I am all sorts of funny when being lifted and moved around or tossed into the swimming pool.  You might say that it's all paybacks from when he was little, but I would beg to differ.  HIS FATHER is the one who should be getting payback from that nonsense...not The Momma. 

Today as I was putting groceries into the pantry, Middle Boy comes up behind me and says "Uh-oh, time to put Mom in the pantry!"  and literally puts me in and shuts the face against the Chef Boyardee and canned peas.

This is not a walk-in pantry.

This is a regular pantry, 5 shelves or whatever, bi-fold door, with just enough room for Momma and her big butt to get shut in it.

I couldn't argue or fight back because I was laughing too much at the ridiculousness of it...Oldest Boy walks by and says "Is she really in there?" I can't hear him talking....


  1. First time visiting your blog. Love how you refer to them as middle boy and oldest boy, LOL. I can just picture your story here. Too funny.

  2. Thank you, Dalia. I actually have Oldest Boy, Middle Boy, Little Boy and Baby Boy. ;)

    I'll come by and visit you today. Have a great Tuesday!


  3. Stopping by from SITS Gals :0) Great post and very funny - My brother is soon going to be doing things like that to my poor Mom - I can't wait to share those stories too!

  4. Just tell her to eat her Wheaties...maybe she'll stand a chance. ;) Thank you for stopping by!


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