Wednesday, May 12, 2010


You know what this describes (among other things) the ability to know when to say certain things and when NOT to...

Please, allow me to illustrate:

a)  Oldest Boy stands in driveway and looking at new small ding in his Mustang says "Well, this sucks."
b)  Baby Boy is told to sit and color his picture in his preschool class instead of running he sits...he says..."Well, this sucks."

Mom (in a moment of frustration) says "Fine, I guess I'll have to go get a glass of wine in order to deal with all of you arguing this evening."
Baby Boy (at school) says "We made my mom drink last night."

You can see the need for lessons in discernment for Baby Boy. All the other boys have learned it, but it's hard, having a 5 year-old at home, who listens to what his older brothers say, and copies it WORD FOR WORD.

I'm going to be working on it alot over the summer, I can just see those notes coming home from the new kindergarten teacher in the fall..."Mrs. F., I had an interesting discussion with your son today...."


  1. Oh, but you know you'll be laughing about that drinking comment in about ten years. You know, when you tell his girlfriends all about that story... ;)

  2. By the way, give me a ring and I'll have the dent taken out for you.

  3. One morning the yard man blew the mulch and grass cuttings under our front door. As we were leaving for school (to see our most FAVORITE preschool teacher EVER!), Torrey (age 3) announced, "Hey! Where did this crap come from?!" I didn't know if I should be mortified that she said the word crap or proud that she used the word correctly. Kids.

  4. Well, I can safely assure you that her preschool teacher did NOT teach her that word. lol. You know (probably better than I do) that you hear all kinds of interesting things the kids say at school. I remember one boy (in the year before your daughter) was so excited he got to help his mom go pick up beer for his dad. lol...I knew she'd be mortified. lol


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