Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm the worst mom on the planet....

Baby Boy got an invitation to a birthday party for a classmate from preschool.  It was for today after school, outside, where the kids would get wet. I declined the invitation, for a few reasons:

1.  It's a school night...I still have to make sure that Little Boy gets his homework finished, it's due every Friday.

2.  It's a million degrees outside. I would be miserable, sitting and watching him play with water, while I'm having a heatstroke.  (We have a swimming pool that I've been taking him every afternoon.)

3.  I don't know one mother or father in the group. I've been to a couple of the functions there, and never really connected with anyone.  So I'd basically be sitting by myself for two hours (while sweating, don't forget the sweating part).

4.  Oldest Boy needs to go pick up his I would then have to take Little Boy to the party also, and have to deal with that.

I just don't know. I thought it would be okay, I didn't mention it anymore to Baby Boy, thought I'd made it without a scene.  Until someone at school brought it up...I should have known...ugh.
Now he's crying these big, huge tears.  And I feel like a total schmuck.  I'm overwhelmed with the stuff here sometimes, and honestly, just couldn't see adding anything else to my plate. What a mess.

I'll be taking him in the pool again today, and making him some chocolate chip cookies...and maybe buying him a new car or something...*sigh*


  1. The cookies really helped. ;)

  2. Coming over from TGC. I have 4 boys as well (16,12,6 and 4) and I can absolutely relate to everything you just blogged. Hang in there. Oh, and cookies always help :)

  3. Visiting from New Friend Friday...

    I also sruggle with my daughter's birthday invites. So far we have skipped them all since I don't know the parents (we do the parties of other friends I know), but we just got an invite last night, and I feel like maybe we should go to this one.

  4. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for the comment. I LOVE being "Mom" but sometimes I'm just exhausted...I try to tell my boys, "I'm only one mom, but there are four of you." Helps them to get that I'm spread a little thin. Most days we make it without the tears...mine or theirs. ;)

  5. Hi CJ,

    I'm new to New Friend Friday, and LOVE it. :) I have read so many blogs in the last 24 hours, wow.
    It's really hard to do parties where you no no one. I understand completely...awkward and really kind of boring too. Usually I suck it up and just go, but this time I just really needed to take a pass. Once my boys get to elementary school, then I really make the effort, because these are the moms and dads you will be seeing at field trips, class parties, etc., it's worth it. Preschool? Eh...I try. lol

    Nice to meet you. :)


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