Wednesday, February 4, 2009

under the toilet...

This is going to set a world's record for fastest blogging known to man. Mom's coming in 3 hours, and I'm still under the gun. Gotta vacuum (remember to spell check THAT before posting), fold some laundry (see yesterday's post regarding 8 loads), get showered....

(Good thing I took that one typing class back in high school...Mrs. Heirholzer would be so proud of my speed typing skills today.)

Oh, yes, my title of this blog...we have 3 bathrooms. Two the the boys share, and one that's in my bedroom. Well, the ones that the boys share, are also the boys' to clean. I figure, I'm the only one in this house that doesn't miss when I go to the bathroom, so why in the world am I cleaning all three toilets??? Middleboy always cleans the front bathroom, and Oldestboy cleans the back.

This morning I say to Middleboy "Don't worry about cleaning your bathroom today, Grandma is going to use it, so I want to give it a good scrubbing." (Of course, he's more than happy to oblige...I think he actually did a cartwheel.)

Here's the thing: I don't really check after the boys when they clean the bathroom, I mean, they are in high school for goodness sakes, in AP classes no less. They are smart enough to know when a bathroom is clean or nasty.


The floor around that toilet in Middleboy's bathroom? Oh dear Lord, it was was...ugh, it just was. *sigh*

Good thing my mother didn't see it....


  1. awww man...I can only imagine what you found!!!

    I bet your excited she is coming!!!! Countdown!

  2. I feel your pain. Almost makes you want to stick their noses in it, lol.


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