Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday morning...

So much fun, no? Actually, I'm much better in the morning than the evening. Mornings have me making to-do lists for the day, confident in my abilities to accomplish everything on it (ha ha ha).

The hardest thing for me in the morning is getting everyone up and moving. Oldestboy is terrible at getting up the first time I call him. (Oldestboy and Middleboy share the bonus room upstairs - don't think I'm going to climb those stairs 3 different times to wake his butt way.) Eventually I'm chucking a shoe up there, threatening violence upon him, raising my voice just enough for him to hear my anger (and be sure, he quakes with fear) without waking Littleboy in his room down the hall.

I love my children so much, but waking them shouldn't involve breaking into my cherished stash of xanax...

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