Sunday, February 1, 2009


Middleboy and I share a genuine love of food. I mean, this child is truly an Italian (no offense to Italians who DON'T plan their days around their meals, if there are any such individuals). He likes to cook food, doesn't really mess around with "fru-fru" as we like to call it...give him a huge hunk of protein and some starch, and this kid is good-to-go.

I feel bad for him, though, honestly. His love of food (like mine) has also generated a need to love exercise. Good luck with that.

Middleboy has just brought me a fried egg sandwich. Fried egg with a slice of processed cheese on two pieces of white bread...not whole wheat, not sprouted wheat...not a hint of wheat...bread.

Let's see...what type of exercise would I love to do today....

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