Friday, December 3, 2010

You know it's bad when...

someone has to ask you "Hey! Do you do that blog anymore?"

Yes, well, I still consider myself owner of that blog...does that count?

This might as well be me.  Truly...throw four kids and a hubby in there, a laundry basket, (and don't forget to put the fattest cat in the universe under the desk)...and that's me.  Although, she may have less gray hair than I...

I'm aware that everyone has stuff they have to do...women work outside the home and manage their households all at the same time. My mother (aka "Captain Amazing") held down more than one job, raised kids by herself...and somehow managed to wear clean underwear every single day.  My mother-in-law (aka "Mother Invincible") was able to raise 8 KIDS, help with 1 million grandkids, and serve home cooked meals every night THAT ACTUALLY INCLUDED 4 FOOD GROUPS.

I know that I'm not the first or the last girl on this planet to juggle 15 full-time endeavors at once. I know this, and yet I'm still amazed at my friends who seem to pull it off so effortlessly.  I'm drowning, man, and I show it.

Today's to-do list involves more work with our insurance company (self-employment surely has some downsides), and the amazing stack of medical bills I'm staring at...a trip to the elementary school to work on the teacher's Christmas present, grocery shopping, a run to the office supply store, and an attempt at doing some laundry.

Will there be 5 servings of vegetables involved today? Yes, I sure hope so.

..but will there be clean underwear...

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