Monday, December 6, 2010

Oldest Boy and his quest for two quarters...

Oldest Boy works as a life guard for one of the large theme parks near our home.  He loves his job, loves it...but sometimes comes home with stories that would curl your hair. Thank God he has never had to save a drowning child, but some of the things he says do involve blood (ugh) or bathing suits toooo small to be worn in public (ewww).

Last night he told me about something that happened between a disabled teenager at the park and himself. It was C-O-L-D yesterday, and yet there were people going down the water slides, etc. (Well, I guess it's cold to us...not necessarily to people from say, Greenland.)  OB had on long pants over his swim trunks and a long jacket with a hood...just counting the minutes until they close, so he can get inside in the heat.

A boy that he knows from high school (this child attended classes at the school for kids with disabilites, but they knew each other from around school) was there with his mom. This boy came up to my boy and said "I dropped something on the slide and I can't get it!"  So, OB is thinking "Omg, I am freezing."...while at the same time, taking off the jacket and pants and getting into the water for this other child to retrieve for him...

...two dropped quarters.

OB was shivering and feeling hypothermia setting in as the other boy says "Thank you" and goes to find his mom.

THIS is exactly what I want from my sons. THIS.  I am a huge proponent of "Think outside yourself."  I am forever drilling into their craniums that the world is a big place and there are a lot of people in it who are in need.  I'm so, so blessed to have children to whom God gave big hearts.. So grateful. So very grateful.

I'll remember this for the rest of my life (although I'm sure OB will forget) the meantime...

Here baby, let Momma make you a hot chocolate.


  1. I adore you. Your boys will make amazing husbands and fathers some day. Can I reserve your youngest two for my girls?? :)

  2. This is the sweetest thing!! It makes me wanna cry especially since I'm a mom to a boy w/Autism. You have the best kids!!

  3. Awe that was so sweet of him. What a wonderful son you have!

  4. Hello Clever!

    Thank you, he is a sweet boy. :) I'm very grateful for that!


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