Monday, December 13, 2010

Smart boys and their reasonably intelligent mother...

The other night I recorded a debate between Oldest Boy and Middle Boy. It was an impromptu debate...standing at the island in my kitchen...on something to do with Calculus.

I say "something", because I have no idea what they were talking about.  I mean no idea.  They might as well be debating in Japanese...oh wait...they both speak Japanese...and I don't.

Everyone knows that teenagers always ASSUME they are smarter than their parents, but what happens when they really are? Do you acknowledge their mathematical prowess, or just nod  your head and say "Sounds about right to me" when they ask you a question from their Physics class.

Of course, I'm glad that God gave these kids some decent brain power...they will end up supporting us I'm sure, (just looked at the 401k, yipes!)...I'm very grateful for that.

But when do I cave and tell them "You've got me on that one, kid."  and more importantly...

Why doesn't "smart" = "the ability to see dirty clothes laying all over a bedroom floor" ?

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  1. Teenage boys don't see dirty clothes laying all over the bedroom floor just come and look at my teenage boy's room...I ask him to clean up and his idea of cleaning up is shoving all the dirty clothes on the floor of his closet and then closing the doors :-) sometimes I just shake my head and


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