Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"To shave or not to shave" or "Why must you drive your Momma crazy?"

On a side note:

As I'm writing my last post about Oldest Boy's graduation ceremony, I get a phone call from Middle Boy.  Today was his last day of school, and he's hanging out with some of the guys on his crew team, at one of the boy's houses.  Here's how the call went:

Me:  "Hey Middle Boy, what's up?"
MB:  "Is it okay if I shave my head?"
Me:  "Um...what?"
MB:  "We were all going to shave our heads.  Well, actually, so & so is going to shave an arrow on the top of his head, but I'm thinking I'll probably just shave mine the same length everywhere."
Me:  "What about your big birthday party next week? I was planning on taking pictures?!"
MB:  "Well, let me see how so & so's hair looks, and then I'll decide what I want to do."

Now, I live in what I would call a "Hair Household". We all take our hair pretty seriously around here, there's enough bottles of product to fill our swimming pool out back.  For a child of mine to say he's going to shave his head...well, it's a pretty shocking proposition, it's just not something we do. Ever.... We. Never. Do. It.

Please Lord, don't let them shave a birthday cake onto Middle Boy's head...


  1. LOL....ooh my goodness...I am trying to envision Middle Boy with no hair....visual is not working for me..could you please send pic to my phone so I get the visual :-) love ya sweetie!!!!

  2. That's quite the phone call to get. Hope it turned out ok!

  3. Hi girls,

    Still haven't seen Middle Boy, so I have no idea what he decided to do with his to come. lol

    One worried girl in a house of men. ha ha ha


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