Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finally learning what a father should be...

Father's Day is a holiday I never really celebrated until I became a mother...go figure.  I was never close with the men in my life growing birth father, or the man that became my father after he married my mom. I never really understood what a father was supposed to do or be.

I learned about fatherhood from the man that I married. He came from a large family, 7 siblings, not including "step-siblings" and was enamored with every niece and nephew that came into his life.  He loved the noise and chaos that came from every family get-together, and was always outside running with the little kids, instead of sitting inside with the "grown-ups".  I remember sitting on the couch with my sister-in-law and laughing every time hubby would run past the window with a slew of  kiddos chasing him through the yard.

We had our first baby when hubby turned 25, and then another three more within the next 10 years. Wow! That's alot of kids, right? But just two days ago he asked me... "Wouldn't it be nice to have just one more?"

This man has taught me what a dad really is. His sons love to hang out with him, go places with him, play video games and paintball with him.  Hubby has spoken with the boys often, using words like: "respect", "integrity", "responsibility", and "love". He kisses and hugs them, even as they get older...Oldest Boy sobbed when his dad hugged him at the graduation ceremony.  He has showed them what it means to love a wife, and has always been affectionate with me in front of them.

I am so grateful that my sons DO know what a father is supposed to do and be, and I am certain that they will grow into marvelous fathers as well...being taught by one of the best.


  1. BRAVO to Hubby...tell him I said Happy Fathers Day......

  2. Have to admit that I teared up reading this! Even as his baby sister, I'm proud of the man my brother has turned out to be. :) Give him a hug from me and tell him Happy Father's Day and I love him. ♥ Love all you guys.

  3. That's one the best gifts a dad can give his children...showing his children what it looks like on a daily basis to love their mother, among all the other many lessons in life! It's very sweet to read about how God has blessed you with someone who has been able to give you and and your boys what you didn't have growing up so much, in terms of what being a great father is like.

  4. Em,

    If you could have seen him and Oldest Boy at graduation...that hug lasted a few minutes and O.B. was really crying.

    I know your Mom is proud too. <3

    Love you!

  5. Thank you Becky. :)
    We are very blessed, as are you! :)
    Love you guys.

  6. hey what a cute blog. Happy fathers day to u
    I am ur newest follower. Glad i found u
    Pls do visit me
    & I hope u follow back too

  7. Hi Being :)
    Thanks for following...I'm coming to visit you right now!


  8. Such a beautiful post girl!!!!

  9. Thank you honey. I know you have a great Daddy over there too. <3

    Have a wonderful Father's Day!

  10. That was a wonderful post. You might be one girl in a house of men right now, but there are four lucky girls in your future who will also benefit from the amazing man who heads your family.

  11. So sweet:) I never had a father-figure until I married my Spouse (my dad died when I was 8months, later step-dads were worthless...) so I know what you mean! Such a great post!


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