Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Boy and my failure to grasp proper English usage...

I know that I've been gone alot lately, I'm trying to get some "work-related" things done, and frankly, I'm getting my butt kicked in the process...but I'm still here, and had to come and jot down this little tidbit...just to completely validate my feelings of inadequacy and ignorance.

I was talking to Baby Boy yesterday (the 5 year-old).  He was setting up a bunch of matchbox cars on sofa pillows piled on the floor, trying to create a rugged terrain for them (or further destroy my pillows, one of the two).

As he's moving stuff around, making those little car sounds that can only come from individuals owning a "y" chromosome, he says "Oh man, all my cars just fell off."

Mom: "I'm sorry Baby Boy, are the pillows too wobbly to drive on?"

Baby Boy: "Don't you mean they're too unstable, Mom?"  *eye roll*

Bottom line:  If you are only 5 years old and thinking your mother is a complete's only downhill for both of you from here on out.


  1. OMGosh.. lol.. Mina did this to me the other day. Mina: "Mom, why did you change the radio station?"
    Me: "Mina, this song isn't a good song for you to listen to."
    Mina: "Mom, don't you mean that thing song is INAPPROPRIATE for me?" *insert another 5 year old eye roll*
    Me:"Yes Mina... yup that's what I meant."

    *le sigh*

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  3. Ha, Ha. Doreen, even the 5 year olds are kicking your butt! That is adorable. I thought for sure he was gonna tell you that the pillows were not pillows, but some sort of terrain that only Match Box cars could understand!

  4. Well you must be doing an incredible job raising a child with such a vocabulary, not to mention proper usage. Haha.... I can't even get my 17 yr old to stop using "got" in place of "have."
    Good job mom!

  5. Thanks, girls. :) Oldest Boy has a thing with me saying "good" instead of "well". (He hates it when I use "good"). If THAT child keeps correcting me, I'm going to kick his grown-up butt.

  6. Aww too cute!

    I first thought there was no post but then I highlighted and it all came through :0)


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