Friday, July 2, 2010

Life lessons usually stink...

A bummer of a post...well, maybe not a bummer, maybe thought-provoking and insightful...yeah, right.

Do you know how people say that phrase "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" ??  How accurate is that, anyway?  I mean, does it literally come down to those two choices when handed something particularly painful in your life?  Am I a stronger person because of this one thing or another, or actually weaker and more afraid of things?

And about this "killing"....what if damage has previously been done that actually kills off a part of me.  Does that count in the equation too?  How do you know if it's dead?  Is it something that can be resurrected at some point?  How exactly would you do that?

I understand that everyone has stuff in their life that isn't on their top 10 "Things that would be so great to deal with right now" list.  I get it. And most people walk around with some part of themselves that's fragile, or damaged...and we just cope, right?

I know that in everything that occurs in my life there is a lesson I should be learning. I mean, I do really believe that...but sometimes I just have to ask "Why Lord, do I need to learn THIS, now?"


  1. I'm sorry you're going through a tough time. Here's a *hug* from afar...I hope you find a little happiness throughout your day

  2. Oh my goodness Doreen. I getcha for sure. Like, why now Lord. Can't I just have a bit of peace? Ha, here's the deal, "This is real life" and he really doesn't give you more than you can take, it just feels like you are getting more than your fair share. Also- the more you put out there, the more you risk to lose. Just simply facts my love! You give a lot and your risk is higher. But, really I don't know much, so don't quote me!! Love you girlie!!

  3. Thank you Ms.Mead,

    I know you are right, just feeling beat up lately. I know it will get better.



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