Saturday, January 7, 2012

A year in the life of One Girl...

This has really got to stop...this writing once a year...with the plethora of fascinating things happening in this house of men...I'm wasting quality writing opportunities.

In my defense, I started working outside the home last February, adding another ball to the 5,372,894 already looming over my head, and I was lucky to find time to floss my teeth, much less sit and write. (Okay, I never really try to find time to floss, but I think the dentist bought it.)

It was an interesting year, trying to fit it all in, and while I wish there were things I had done better, (I'm sure Little Boy and Baby Boy probably wore their underpants for two days in a row a couple of times), no one seems the worse for wear. 

Could there have been more green vegetables offered (note: "offered", not "eaten")?   Probably.

Was my house dusty enough on occasion to be designated as part of the National Parks Division of Deserts (Is there one of those? It sounds good, anyway...)?   Most assuredly.

Did all the men's cell phones get cut off twice because I forgot to pay the bill?  Unfortunately.

But did we all survive it?  Indeed.

Lots of big happenings here this year for the men...I will try my best to keep up-to-date...Oldest Boy continues in college and work endeavors, while dating a girl I WANT as a daughter.  Middle Boy is graduating from high school and possibly going to the Naval Academy (!). Little Boy continues to excel in music and is growing in leaps & bounds....and then there is Baby Boy...

The Blue-Eyed Wonder never allows a dull day in the Men Household. He is the happiest person on the planet, I think, and keeps us all (his 1st grade teacher included) on our toes.

Thank you for checking in, sorry to have been gone for so long. I promise I won't be a stranger.

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