Friday, January 21, 2011

Sea Monkeys...a purchase you might regret...

Alright, so color me "unprepared" or better yet, color me "bad at doing research before I purchase Christmas gifts for my children that are going to end up being gross and/or a pain in my butt".

Littleboy asked for Sea Monkeys for Christmas.You've seen them, they've been around since I was young. (I could never understand why my mom wouldn't buy I know.)  They come in a cute little package at toy stores, just look at how cute:

Little tiny tank, little feeding spoon. How adorable, how bad can they be? Right? Wrong.

Allow me to show you a couple more pictures...if you haven't eaten breakfast yet, let me just apologize now.

Sea Monkeys are actually brine shrimp...or some such thing. (Of course NOW I do my research on them. After Littleboy and Babyboy have their tanks thriving on the bathroom counter.)  Still, not too bad, right? Kind of cute and minuscule, no big deal.

But then there's this:

This is what you end up with, apparently. These suckers are breeding, and grow to 3/4 of an inch long.

I think I might just have to vomit. It looks like a tank full of swimming fleas, or bugs, omg, what have I done?

I work extremely hard to maintain tight border security between myself and the flora and fauna that live outside. And I've just shot myself in the foot.

These guys are going to come to some unfortunate demise before we get to this point. I'm going to start planning the assassinations now.  Maybe the "cat" will knock over the tanks while they are at school.  That might work, they'll still love HIM if he kills the seamonkey-shrimp-bugs...


  1. OMG! i always wanted these too when I was a kid-dump em!

  2. Get a puffer fish and feed the sea monkeys to them

  3. You've completely missed the point.
    There is an amazing science story behind these unique creatures.

  4. what would happen if you flushed down the toilet?... hmm

  5. where on earth did you get that picture from? what kind of mutant freakspawn is that?? i've had them for years, they reeeeally don't get that big...


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