Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tupperware cabinets and algebra class.

Every night I go to bed and think "Stink! Another day, no blog post." I have all these great ideas and stories to tell of my life in this zoo, but my days are so freaking hectic lately...hectic in a "Did I take a shower today?" kind of way.

I'm room mom for my kindergartner's class, taxi driver for 2 little kids, laundress for 6 single-outfit-wearing impaired humans and chef to the pickiest eaters under the age of 9 you've ever seen. (Laundress...that almost sounds regal, doesn't it...kind of like "Countess" but with bleach spots on her pants.)

As I was cleaning my kitchen yesterday, I went to put away my Tupperware stuff. I have an entire cabinet devoted to these vessels, and try to keep my lids all in one place, while stacking the other pieces so everything fits.  Now, I have to ask myself...."Am I truly being helped by having my boys unload the dishwasher every day, or am I just deluding myself?"

I submit evidence "A" :

Get out your calculators, and think way back to algebra class, kids.  If it takes me 45 minutes to re-organize everything in this cabinet, how many dishwasher "unloads" at 5 minutes each am I costing myself?  Is it actually helping me, if it causes me MORE work down the line?

When you figure out the answer to that question, here's one more for you...

How many snack size Almond Joy bars will it take for me to not care about the Tupperware cabinet, and just shove it all in there and walk away?


  1. forget about the snack size go all the way and just eat a bag of full size....chocolate cures all the worries....its not your scales friend but I guess you have to give up something ....LOL.....love you

  2. I hated having this issue and it took me some time but I slowly weaned myself of the plastic tupperware (well I still have a few items) but now have more pyrex glass containers that all match and they stack much better. The glass slows me down when putting it away and I can microwave right from the container instead of taking it out of the plastic and putting it into something safe for the microwave. Good luck!


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