Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hypothetical question...

Let's say some terrific mom has this kid (oh, 4 years old or so) who insists on eating sugar cookies for breakfast. Now, "terrific mom" knows that this isn't the most nutritious choice her beloved child could make, however "beloved child" is whining and pitching a fit at 8am.

Does "terrific mom" lose her terrific status if she gives in...rationalizing that sugar cookies are pretty much the same as Pop Tarts??

I thought so too.

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  1. Wow you do get up at 6am every morning sleeping in for you even on Saturdays. Am I a bad mom when Love comes to wake me up and I tell her "in a couple minutes" and this continues on for about an hour?

    I like the rationalization...pop tarts do have sugar. Love likes to eat bologna with mustard on a toasted bagel for breakfast...I just pretend it's canadian bacon or ham LOL


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